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When a horse performs liberty with Cat Zimmerman, I can only watch in awe. She now has multiple mustangs, all of whom she tamed and trained, performing liberty. No bridles. No saddles. Just her with the mustangs.

It’s beautiful and breathtaking to watch this 16-year-old become one with her mustangs.

Even more impressive is how she has never changed course from her dreams. Her certainty in her dreams and aspirations have remained the same: save and train mustangs.

One way she is doing that is by working so hard with the Mustang Heritage Foundation. That organization gave her the opportunity to begin training mustangs when she was just twelve-years-old. She took what she had learned riding (since she was just about four!) and training the less than desirable horses at her stepfather’s barn and has transferred it to mustangs.

She’s an original, that’s for sure. I like that about her (ok, LOVE that). When you follow your passion, that’s all you can be: original. It helps to be confident and humble at the same time. Cat is all of these things and then some. One of the greatest things I’ve heard her say to me is “The more the mustangs teach me, the more I realize I have to learn.”

As we begin our ranch expansion, I’m excited for her future and to see what she does with her passion for mustangs.

3 thoughts on “Liberty…

  1. Watching Cats Amazing journey since she was 12 years old has been awesome. I do enjoy watching as she transforms the frightened wild Mustangs into her best friends!

  2. May God bless what you’re doing. At 49, I’m just learning thile incredible partnership that is formed through liberty with my mustang. During the ” rebuilding ” of our relationship, I discovered liberty. At 1 point, I even said ” I dont care 8f I never ride him, this liberty is amazing!”. Needles to say, learning the liberty has built the foundation of confidence under saddle! Again, God bless what you do in inspiring people of all ages!

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