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When Mustangs Fly…

November and December are going to be quiet months–although, with Cat and her mustangs, no month is ever truly quiet.

Without any immediate competitions, Cat has been able to focus on more than just training but also a little bit on having some extra fun with her mustangs. The other day, she was riding Monche, her very first mustang that she tamed and trained in 2015 for the Mustang Heritage Foundation‘s Extreme Mustang Makeover in Massachusetts.

I caught the following photo and just thought I’d share it:

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 2.35.17 PM

Here she is…flying high and riding free with her beloved mustang, Comancheria (aka Monche). It’s a beautiful image of a young woman living life large, but I don’t think many people truly understand how large she IS living. After all, she’s only sixteen-years-old.

  • Sixteen-years-old…and preparing for the start of college in January.
  • Sixteen-years-old…and working 14-16 hours a day, taking care of 22 horses, 17 of which are mustangs, and managing a thirty-acre horse ranch.
  • Sixteen-years-old…and rescuing abandoned and surrendered mustangs so that she can retrain them to ensure that they have a better future in forever homes.
  • Sixteen-years-old…and training mustangs for other people.
  • Sixteen-years-old…and starting a program to help aspiring trainers in their journey to train mustangs.
  • Sixteen-years old…and educating anyone who will listen about these amazing creatures so that she can spread the joy of life with mustangs.
  • Sixteen-years-old…and helping veterans heal by co-founding Unbridled Heroes Project, a non-profit based in NJ to work with veterans–some of our country’s finest heroes!— with future events schedule in 2019 in Florida.

It sounds exhausting, right? Well, it has been.

What I see is a young woman who offers selfless giving, a hard work ethic, and complete dedication to something bigger than herself. Oh, how I wish more young adults (and some adult-adults) would learn from her.

Behind the scenes, 2018 has been more than a year of growth.  There have been many highs and several lows. Social media sometimes presents a face that everything is perfect and magical. We try not to do that…we try to be real.

Over the past year, we’ve had big challenges, big changes, and a lot of hard work along the way. We’ve had plenty of good times and a few disappointments. It hurts to learn  that not everyone walks a straight path, some even demonstrating grave acts of moral turpitude strictly for personal privilege.

But these are life’s lessons–invaluable lessons that have reinforced our determination to stay the course in protecting mustangs, remaining original, showing the real (vs. the too common staged) side of training, and always staying true to our morals and mission.

Just as importantly, all of these lessons have taught Cat and her mustangs how to fly…



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