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Cowgirl Cat and Kimes Ranch Sponsorship Contest

Cowgirl Cat by Sarah PriceMany of you might not be aware that I (Cat’s Mom) am a full-time author. Even more of you might not know that I started a series loosely based on her. I have to say loosely based on her so that she doesn’t flip out on me (but there are a lot of funny stories in the book that ~cough cough~ actually happened).

In 2019, I will be releasing the second book in the Cowgirl Cat series, Rodeo Rage and in 2010, the third book, Mustang Mania. In the meantime, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of the first book, appropriately named Cowgirl Cat. It’s available via Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. And it’s a GREAT Christmas gift for the young reader in your life.


Now, while I have your attention, would you be so kind as to do a little favor for Cat?

Somehow, Cat became a finalist for a very big sponsor: Kimes Ranch. We were both really surprised when we learned about it…she didn’t expect it and I knew nothing about it (which is how we got into this mustang business in the first place but THAT’S another blog…or book).

Apparently, she was selected out of a record number of applicants and is now one of 15 finalists. Now it’s up to online voting.

Cat Zimmerman and her wild mustang liberty team

If you agree that Cat would be a great role model for other young people, perhaps you would take a quick second to vote “Cat Zimmerman” at And if you are super de duper enthusiastic about it, feel free to recruit some other friends or family members to do the same. Being awarded this sponsorship would help Cat with her mission to educate people—especially youth–about mustangs.

It literally takes about two seconds to fill out. That would be a wonderful “gift” for both of us. 🙂

Hugs for the Holidays,


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