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2018 Recap of Successes

In just a few short days, families will gather around the Christmas tree, opening gifts and enjoying precious time together–especially for families that don’t live near each other.

As usual, for Christmas, at CZ Mustangs, we will spend our day taking care of the horses and, hopefully, going on a nice long trail ride.

We have four horses leaving us soon–their training completed–as it’s time for them to leave CZ Mustangs for their new homes. They will be missed. Especially Charlie with his messy mane that sometimes hid little presents (hay, grain, feathers) and even friends like the tiny lizard who hung out with him. Both Cat and I feel blessed that CZ Mustangs was selected to be his first trainer.

It has truly been an amazing year.

2018 Recap of Successes

In 2018, CZ Mustangs rescued seven mustangs who were in bad situations (joining two abandoned mustangs previously rescued in 2017) and one feral wild-born horse. Additionally, CZ Mustangs personally assisted in getting two burros and six mustangs out of holding via BLM Adoption Events and the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s Mustang Makeover Events and TIP Program. One mustang, Beau, and the two burros will stay here at CZ Mustangs. In total, CZ Mustangs was responsible for thirteen mustangs adopted into forever homes and facilitated two other mustang adoptions.

Those numbers speak for themselves, considering all the training and most of the care is done by one person: sixteen-year-old Cat Zimmerman. And all of this after less than ONE YEAR as an official non-profit organization. Can you imagine what successes next year will bring in our effort to to get mustangs out of holding through the BLM Adoption Events and Mustang Heritage Foundation’s programs—as well as rescue and retrain other mustangs that have found themselves in bad situations?

It costs a lot of money to feed (hay, grain, and supplements), house (shavings, paddocks), and care for (farrier, vet expenses, transportation) these horses. It also takes land, labor, and love–which we gladly supply in bulk.

Please consider helping us. Even the smallest donation helps us make a difference in the lives of these amazing horses. Our goal is to make 2019 even more successful than 2018!

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