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The Beauty of Sharing…

Today was a fantastic day.

Down in Florida, the sun was shining and the wind blowing just enough to keep it cool for the 45+ people who attended Cat’s demonstration to promote the Mustang Heritage Foundation and the upcoming Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ocala, Florida.


Many of the attendees were new faces. Many were people who attended her past events. The consensus was that it was a great day for everyone.

Despite the accolades for the property, our expansion, and the mustangs, the thing I enjoyed the most was hearing the comments about how Cat’s presentation of the mustangs continues to impress and educate.

That’s what it’s all about: educating people about the mustangs on behalf of the Mustang Heritage Foundation. Several people expressed an interest in adopting mustangs at the Ocala event. A few more admitted how much they had learned about the versatility of mustangs. And all of them intend to attend the event.

Sharing. That’s what it’s all about. Sharing information. Sharing knowledge. And sharing our passion for saving these mustangs…one mustang at a time.

So many of them need homes. GOOD homes. The Bureau of Land Management is doing everything that they can to manage the populations and take care of those in holding. And they are doing a great job. We’ve seen it first hand. The Mustang Heritage Foundation is supporting them by educating people and promoting the American Mustang breed. And we, at CZ Mustangs, are doing all we can to support the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

After all, without them, we’d never have discovered our passion for these amazing horses…horses that time forgot, it seems. They helped build our country and then were set free or abandoned in the MidWest and West. Now they need our help.

We are only too happy to oblige and we cannot thank the Mustang Heritage Foundation enough for all that they do in helping the Bureau of Land Management find homes for these horses. Now…what can you do?

Adopt A Mustang

Looking for a horse? A forever horse? Consider adopting a mustang. The Mustang Heritage Foundation has authorized trainers (TIP trainers) all around the country. They will work with you to find the perfect mustang and they will train the horse for you…without costing you anything more than the adoption fee for the mustang. CZ Mustangs is an authorized TIP training facility…so you can always reach out to us for information about this great program.

Attend An Event

Whether you attend in Ocala or Lexington, Los Angeles or Fort Worth, try to attend one of the Extreme Mustang Makeovers. Show your support for the amazing youth and adult trainers who spend their time (and money) training these horses to compete and to find them forever homes. Cheer them on at these amazing events!

Support the Mustang Heritage Foundation

Join the Mustang Heritage Foundation as a member. Memberships start at $35 a year and the money goes toward funding their programs. This organization does so many amazing things…for mustangs, for trainers, for veterans! Support their efforts by joining their organization. We, at CZ Mustangs, can attest to the fact that they are truly a philanthropic organization that changes lives.

Tell Other People about CZ Mustangs

For us, as supporters of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, if you can tell other people about what we are doing, you help us in helping them.

One thought on “The Beauty of Sharing…

  1. I was quite impressed by Cat’s presentation. It was mature and professional. Thank you for your time and trouble in doing this clinic, and your passion for helping the mustangs.
    Tracy Bregman

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