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Not One but TWO Mustangs

February 2019 is in full-swing and so much is going on at CZ Mustangs that I’m not quite sure where to start.

Cat Zimmerman, Extreme Mustang Makeover TrainerUnlike previous years, this winter, Cat has not one but two mustangs in training for Extreme Mustang Makeovers–one in Madison, Wisconsin and one in Ocala, Florida.

We picked up Kimber (Wisconsin mustang) in January after a very, very long drive from Florida to Mississippi to Illinois and back to Florida. Kimber is a long yearling and, personality wise, a cross between Beau (the 2018 Kentucky Makeover mustang) and Digby (the 2018 Georgia TIP Challenge). He started out a bit…difficult but came around quickly. Cat discovered that he’s a natural for liberty.

Soooooooooo, I guess that means he’s joining the herd. Why am I not surprised?  🙂

Cat Zimmerman, Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainer

Just over a week ago, we picked up another new mustang. This one is SPICY and a real piece of work. She’s a buckskin filly, not even a year old. As usual, Cat was excited for the challenge because feisty fillies just add to her knowledge base for future training situations.

It didn’t take long for “Lil Miss Sunshine” to win Cat’s heart–originally named tongue-in-cheek but now that she’s simmered down, the name truly suits her.

Sunni’s adorable. She will be available for adoption in the near future. Now that she’s a little more pleasant to be around, Cat has to determine what the filly likes to do. Every horse needs a job and purpose, so we will keep everyone abreast on Sunni’s progress.

In addition, she’s preparing for the horse expo in Tennessee where she was invited to give clinics and perform.  We both love these events because it enables her to educate large groups of people about the programs offered by the Mustang Heritage Foundation as well as the amazing capabilities of wild mustangs–given proper training, most mustangs can be domesticated and compete successfully in any discipline.

Finally, Cat has been invited to give clinics in the springtime and summer in different states. We are thrilled to travel, especially since she will finally get to see mustangs in the wild, an experience I planned on giving to her last year but I unexpectedly wound up sending her and another person to the 2018 Mustang Magic instead. I cannot wait for her to see mustangs running in the wild at last. What a magnificent experience she will have and I’m super excited that I will be there with her.

One thought on “Not One but TWO Mustangs

  1. Wow!! Great update. So happy for you guys. What a privilege. I am so happy Inwent to the demo. My daughter (who is 8) and I are working our 2yr old filly mad we put into practice what Cat demonstrated as well as Carson James’ teaching and we love it. I am inspired to sign her up maybe next year or so for the challenge thx to the info we picked up from your demo. ♡

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