Mustang Horses

9:45pm and Working Mustangs….

It’s dark and cool outside in Florida. Cat’s still working her mustangs. I’m watching her in complete awe.

Frankly, I want to go to bed. I’m tired. It’s been a long day. But she’s still going strong. “After all,” she says, “a client is paying me to work her horse. I cannot let her or the horse down.”

I, too, cannot let them down. This mustang is very in need of training. I can’t leave Cat out here alone…just in case. I’ve seen others get injured–a loud voice, a weird saddle. Heck! I broke three ribs and punctured my lungs from my precious Malibu after I adopted her.

Even more, I admire her work ethic. Others might skimp on the training. Not Cat. Her word is as solid as a contract. If she’s going to work a horse, she’s not cutting corners or cheating the client. She wants what is best for the client AND the horse.

But watching Cat with this mustang is magical. She’s been up for 14.5 hours, working mustangs. This one mustang–like so many others–is tough, but I can see him giving into her, trusting her. It’s beautiful. The stuff that dreams (and movies!) are made of.

I’m so privileged to be able to witness this. I’m also excited that our newly renovated guest cottage is now available for people to rent in the autumn if people want to train under Cat or just volunteer.

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