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The Sad Truth About Mustangs

It’s been a very busy few weeks…hence my silence on the CZ Mustangs blog. There were happy events: competitions! Fan Favorite! Reserved Champion! Wahoooo!–but this is not a post about any of those.

This is about the sad truth.

The sad truth that not all mustangs wind up in good homes.  The sad truth that not all “trainers” really give a rat’s butt about the horses they adopt. The sad truth that not all mustangs survive the abuse and neglect that often comes from irresponsible horse owners.

Two years ago, Cat and I rescued two abandoned mustangs on a property in Connecticut. After a year of working with sweet Annie, Cat knew a person who was “TIP’ing” out a mustang to a Georgia trainer could continue working with the horse and, eventually, adopt it out. I’m not sure how it went down but the Georgia trainer wanted Annie, too.

And off Annie went to Georgia–to her forever home. Her job was to keep a pregnant mare company until she gave birth.

Throughout the following year, Cat checked in several times to see how Annie was doing. The “trainer” sent happy, glowing updates and, so I understand, photos. Cat was thrilled that Annie–who had initially been very, very sensitive and untrusting–was doing so well.

Until last week.

Cat received a phone call that Annie was starving. Below is the photo of Annie before she left and underneath them are the current photos of our Annie:

CZ Mustangs Takes on Rescued Starving Mustangs

To make a long story short, the “trainer” was a hoarder. Twenty-five mustangs were pulled from her property and taken to another trainer’s facility to be given medical attention, food, and second (or third) chances. I understand that Annie’s wards, the mare and her foal, died. The trainer supposedly wasn’t broke…she posted a lot of photos going on vacation and enjoying the good life…while 40+ horses and other animals were neglected on her family farm.

Fortunately, there is ANOTHER truth.

The mustang family is large. The outpouring of concern and volunteers was tremendous. So many people swooped in to gather as many of the mustangs as they could from this farm. People donated hay, feed, money, etc. to get them ready for transportation. People came from long distances to adopt and rehabilitate these horses. Many of the original owners who left their horses in this woman’s care–based on a previous great reputation and amazing recommendations, mind you–clamored to retrieve their mustangs. Including us.

The other truth is that more people are truly good that evil. For the past two weeks, people have been contacting Cat and me privately, helping as much as they can. We have donations for some of their initial needs: hay, grain, vet, farrier (when they are ready). The Wadmans came over and helped us move the extremely heavy 6-foot 14 gauge round pen (sooooo heavy) and mustang holding area into the shade on our other property so that the horses won’t have to deal with the sweltering summer sun. One of Cat’s friends managed to get a truck and large stock trailer donated for the day to retrieve the mustangs which saved us having to make two trips. And my dear neighbor, Kacey, is donating a few acres of pasture for Annie and Lily, our older and now permanent sanctuary mustangs, to live on–when Annie is ready.

Finally, I cannot say enough great things about Sandra and Ashley and Tera and all of the people who worked so hard to get these mustangs out of a horrible, deadly situation.

All of this just proves that, no matter how horrible some people can be, there are more amazingly great people who will always outshine evil with their compassion and willingness to sacrifice to help others.

As I write this, Cat is on her way to pick up three of these horses–Annie and two others. We will take care of them, continue their rehabilitation, ensure they receive proper nutrition, vet care, farrier visits, and training. Annie will NEVER leave this farm again. The other two might wind up being here forever as well…it just depends on their rehabilitation. We will be continuing to update everyone and we encourage you to follow Cat’s CZ Mustangs Rescue Group on FB.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation for feed, hay, medical, etc., please contact Cat directly at or contribute to our Go Fund Me page.

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