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Update on Annie, Tornado, and Clancy

The day after we got Annie. The vet gave her a 1/10 on the body scale.  The Swainsboro, Georgia Sheriff thought this was okay and did not arrest or even FINE the girl who did this to her. Mind you…Annie was one of 25 pulled from the property. At least two did not make it–a mare and her foal.

Annie Emaciated

The girl who did this was not broke–she had a job at Thrive (one of those MLM companies) and was a top sales person, apparently or so says her social media. So she had the money to feed the horses–but didn’t. Tornado and Clancy arrived in better shape and, after a week+ getting quality hay, are looking better. My vet gave them a 3/10 on the body scale.

More and more stories of people with starving mustangs are creeping onto the Internet. There is always some excuse as to why it happened (and never with a veterinarian on board to speak up on their behalf!) and lots of support from friends and family.

How anyone can support a person who starves a horse (or any animal) is beyond me. There is no excuse…


3 thoughts on “Update on Annie, Tornado, and Clancy

    1. This woman should be prosecuted and the sheriff should be terminated! Both names should be revealed so that others remain safe from them!
      People need to be held accountable & prosecuted for their gross negligence to those without voices!

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