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Who Cares for Mustangs?

Full Disclosure: This is written by Cat’s mom, Sarah Price, not Cat.

Our Annie…after being rescued from the “trainer” who bought her. This is AFTER two weeks of being fed at the rescue facility.

Ever since we rescued those three starving mustangs in Georgia (out of 24, by the way), I have heard more about starving mustangs…often by “trainers” who are supposed to care about these magnificent animals.

Our Annie was sold to be a companion horse to a pregnant mare. I’ve heard that the mare and foal died. And then Annie was starved. She was disposable, I guess. My vet gave her a 1/10 on the body scale WEEKS after she had been rescued.

The police did nothing. Word has it that the “Sheriff” is friends with the girl’s grandfather. It’s an “old boys” town. Apparently, laws don’t apply in such areas as Swainsboro, Georgia. Repeated calls to the newspaper and law enforcement have gone unanswered. The entire incident was swept under the rug.

Why? Because they don’t care about mustangs…or horses. Just let them starve and suffer while the young woman went of vacations, posting about it. She just neglected to post about the horrible condition of the horses in her care.

Let me start by saying that there is NO EXCUSE for starving animals. Whether it is twenty or two, it’s inexcusable. If people are going through a hard time, ask for help. If things are really bad, don’t get more.

I’m tired of seeing these posts. I’m tired of seeing animals (horses, dogs, cats, etc.) thrown away like they are simply garbage. Some “trainers” feed their horses but ignore checking on them.

A horse pulled from a “trainer” who had defended herself repeatedly online and swept it under the rug. Why? Just why?

After the Georgia case, another “trainer” was caught with a bad horse situation. The mustang had a blanket on since November and was called out by the Bureau of Land Management in JUNE…the excuse was that the horse was too wild to check it. My question is how on earth did you get a blanket on it to begin with? And why? Horses can adapt to the climate. If you cannot tame a wild mustang, don’t blanket it. To not see that it was starving to death? Disgusting.

Even worse is the excuses made by the people AND some of the organizations that are supposed to support and protect these animals. If someone starves an animal…why would they be permitted to get more?

I’m sure that this post will upset a lot of people. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m tired of the Mustang Mafia–those individuals who break the rules themselves but report everyone else for whatever they feel is an infraction!–ruling the well being of these horses.

We have a responsibility to take care of these animals. If people are “trainers” but don’t train the animals and let them suffer, there is NO DEFENSE.

I’ve lost a lot of respect for people I formerly held in high esteem. Mustangs dying. Mustangs starving. Mustangs not being trained (but “sold” to friends and family members just to get the money from these organizations). It’s not okay. It’s not fair to the mustangs. It’s not fair to the trainers who work really hard to tame and train these horses. To find them good homes. It’s not fair to the people who support the organizations, cheerleading their cause and funding the programs that pay these unscrupulous individuals.

Anyone who has ever loved and been loved by a horse knows that they are not just “animals”. They have the capability to love back. When an animal loves, it loves unconditionally. When it is neglected and starved, it has no voice to complain or tell authorities. But when people DO speak up, what happens?

In both of these cases, the BLM stepped in and took charge. I applaud them for their fast action. They have so much on their plate, but they DO care.

Let’s fact it. Withholding proper nutrition is deplorable, an act of a terrible person with a terrible agenda. If a child was starved or in this condition, there would be charged filed. But in this case, no charges were filed against either individual. Why? Even worse, this one individual’s facility is still listed as an approved training facility by one of the organizations.

I just don’t get it. How can this be possible?

The bottom line is that, if THIS is your definition of “OK”, then you have a serious problem.

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  1. I almost think it humerus! how does one comment when you are correct in every way. That’ll be my comment. Let’s ALL do better for something we cherish. I have decided to join the TIP program as I do think I have something to offer and it might be the avenue to do something.

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