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Meet Clyde

“Yesterday I drove a little over 6 hours total to pick up this unbranded mustang gelding that has been surrendered to the rescue. He is 7 years old— born out of a BLM mustang mare.

He was in a tough situation, and while he was properly cared for, it wasn’t the right environment for him and he had become not safe to handle. His owners son had been threatening to shoot this guy after he caused some trouble and his owner desperately needed him off the property.

He has a safe landing here until he can be put into our training program to become adoptable. He’ll be a lot of work as he has been getting away with a lot and developed a strong dullness… but we’ll get him figured out! 😊 “

~Cat (from her Facebook)

Clyde, Rescued Mustang, at CZ Mustangs for Training

Meet Clyde, the newest rescue here at CZ Mustangs! As Cat wrote a few days ago on Facebook, she spent most of her Saturday fetching this inquisitive little mustang! With the owner’s son threatening to shoot him, she knew that there was little time to spare.

[Side note: what is it with people wanting to shoot animals down here in Florida???? Dogs, cats, horses, pigs!]

The drive was long and her day was basically shot (never mind $200+ in gasoline costs), but something really spoke to her when she heard his story. They said he was unmanageable. Maybe even dangerous. It took Cat and Jacob quite a while to get him loaded and Cat was already texting me that he was a handful.

And yet, as soon as he got to our property, everything changed.

This fellow has already stolen the hearts of everyone at CZ Mustangs. Several volunteers have fallen in love with him as well as our tenants. It’s hard not to love him–he has sooooo much personality.

While the other wilds were not quick to welcome him into their already established herd, Clyde didn’t particularly care. He was much more interested in checking out the fencing (testing it, like a velociraptor might, for weaknesses). It must have passed his inspection because he stayed put.

One day, he was playing with his feed pan and he picked it up, carried it to the water trough, and dropped it in. Our tenant witnessed this and was laughing as he reported the antics of our newest rescue.

Clyde, the unbranded mustang, at CZ Mustangs

Whenever Cat works with the other mustangs (her primary focus is on Goose and Bonnie, right now so that she can move them into the main barn and then focus on Tornado and Clancy…and Clyde), Clyde is right there in the chute, peering through the gate. He just stands there, watching as if trying to learn from observation.

He is, without doubt, the most curious and calm mustang we have rescued.

Both Cat and I are constantly wondering why the previous owners felt he was unsafe to handle. He is friendly, in great shape, and shows zero aggression whatsoever. At least not that I have personally seen–it could be lurking there, I suppose. However, with our pack of ill-mannered canines always running about and barking, he doesn’t even flinch or pay the least mind to their presence.  Talk about desensitization! Even our latest rescue pup, Junebug (aka Chupacabra), doesn’t rattle Clyde’s cool. He just ignores her when she zips by his hooves, barking.

And he’s a good looking horse. His coat is a beautiful copper-red, the likes that I’ve only seen on Monche and Kimber. It just shimmers in the sun (although that could be the new grain that he’s on…we only use Tribute and that definitely adds shine).

I have no doubt that Cat will have him trained and adoptable before too long, although we are not in a hurry. She would rather figure out his “thing” and then find the perfect home for him, of course. In the meantime, he’s safe here until that happens. He’s a definite clown with a ton of personality that will, one day, find a family who will love on him and enjoy him as much as we are.


P.S. He will need a farrier visit soon so anyone who would like to sponsor him for farrier or for hay, please contact Cat or donate via our web form on the righthand side of the screen.


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