Update on Activities & August Projects

Cat Zimmerman and Kimber the MustangWith almost thirty mustangs in residence, we have recruited some excellent volunteers to help groom them and give them exercise while Cat works on her TIP mustangs (Goose and Bonnie), new rescue horses (Tornado, Clancy, and Clyde), and her liberty team for an upcoming tour.

Over 100 people responded to our one and only (so far) inquiry. It was overwhelming to see so many people who want to help with the horses.

We’re also busy working with different veterans groups to organize our first Veterans Open House and Unbridled Heroes Challenge at our Archer facility in the autumn. This program is affiliated with our sister-charity Unbridled Heroes Project in New Jersey.

However, before we can move into our next focus of business–expansion–we need to finish up the maintenance stage. Fortunately, we have several volunteers who are willing to help (which is great news as my hiring workers turned out to be quite a disaster and involved the wonderful folks at the Sheriff’s Office of Levy County).


In order to wrap up the maintenance stage, our primary focus is to repair our existing paddocks, finish the arena, and paint the wood in the arena, fencing, and barns in order to protect them from drying out.

What we need to finish maintenance the following:

  • Monche & Mares’ Paddock 1: Needs 7 boards—$105.00
  • Izzie & Babies’ Paddock 2: Needs 8 boards—$135.00
  • Beau & Babies’ Paddock: Needs 6 boards—$90.00
  • Karma & Minis’ Paddock: Needs 4 boards—$60.00
  • Barns: Need 4 cans of paint (to save boards from drying out): $120.00
  • Arena/Fencing: Need 5 gallon asphalt fence paint—$110.00

Total Needed: $620.00 estimate

Essie loves to press against the boards and break them. We also had a “tenant” whose horse(s) cribbed on the back line. This paddock needs a LOT of new fencing.

We are very fortunate that Cat’s grandparents donated money to cover the cost of building the arena which consisted of 64 fence boards width, 96 fence boards length, 2 gates, and 40 posts (plus paint, screws, and labor) with a little left over toward footing.

Anyone who might be interested in sponsoring part or all of any listed project should email Cat at . PayPal or credit card via PayPal is the most efficient way to donate money (and no fees!). If you cannot help this time, we understand. But don’t worry, we have plenty of autumn projects ahead of us including first time farrier visits for some of the new rescues!  And we can always use help with money for hay.  We’ve managed to get it down to $100 per horse per month for the really good stuff!  🙂

Remember…any and all donations are tax-deductible.

P.S. We are also desperate for horse shampoo, conditioner, and detangler as well as grooming supplies for our volunteers.  Click here for our Amazon wishlist–change SORT to Priority High to Low.  



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