Georgia TIP Challenge Mustang Open

Originally posted on Cat’s Instagram

Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go.
But never forget to enjoy the journey ❤️✨

Cat Zimmerman, Wild Mustang Trainer from Florida


Monche was amazing during our Freestyle at the Georgia TIP Challenge Mustang Open on Saturday evening.

It was a big class full of amazing trainers, some that I have looked up to since I picked this mustang of mine up 4 years ago.

We ended up the champions of the WTC Freestyle, something I never even thought was a possibility!!

It is an honor to have been competing against so many wonderful trainers and I am so proud of my mustang and how hard she tried for me.

She is so special ❤️

Thank you Mustang Heritage Foundation for assigning her to me through your Extreme Mustang Makeover program



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