Cat Zimmerman

Cat Zimmerman, Co-founder of CZ Mustangs, Wild Mustang TrainerCat Zimmerman, 17, is the co-founder and head trainer at CZ Mustangs, the official 2019 Youth Ambassador for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, and a lifetime member of their organization.

Today Cat is full-time training horses and mustangs for clients, the Mustang Heritage Foundation’s TIP program, and rescued mustangs through CZ Mustangs.She also attends college at night.

Bella Flora and Cat Zimmerman, Wild Mustang TrainerBesides training full-time and annually competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover and TIP Challenges, Cat performs and competes at various events across the country with her personal herd of mustangs to help educate the public about the American Mustang and to showcase the trainability of the breed through liberty and trick performances.

In 2019, Cat competed against adults in the Midwest Horse Fair TIP Challenge and made the top ten who then performed later that evening at the Legendary Extravaganza. She won first place in freestyle, fourth place over all and was voted the fan favorite.

In 2018, Cat won the Youth Divisions in the Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover and the Georgia TIP Challenge. In 2017, Cat won the Youth Division at the the Massachusetts Extreme Mustang Makeover, the In-Hand Division at the Kentucky Mustang Open, and the Walk/Trot Division at the Texas Mustang Open.

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All Cat Lansing wanted for her thirteenth birthday was an iPhone. Her older sister, Brooke, introduces her to the world of social media on her new phone and, unknowingly, Cat gets much more than she bargained for.

She discovers Aiden Quinn, a teenage cowboy from Colorado who posts funny videos with his horses on Vine. Determined to get him to notice her, Cat quickly realizes that she is not alone in her pursuit for Aiden to follow her.

When Aiden and his friends tour the country with the Rodeo Rage Tour, Cat strikes up a plan to finally meet him. But how can she compete with hundreds of thousands of other girls clamoring for his attention?

COMING SOON: Rodeo Rage followed by Mustang Mayhem