Adopted Rescues


In the April of 2018, Cat learned about a mustang in need of a new home. The horse had been trained, adopted out, quickly abandoned, starved, beaten, hogtied, and finally rescued by a family in Florida who kept her for a year on their property.  The horse did not trust people, ran away from everyone, and had basically returned to a wild state of mind.  The people found Cat and gave her the horse for re-training and re-homing.
For several months, Cat worked with Hope at CZ Mustangs’ training facility in Alachua County, Florida. In just one month, the horse learned to trust Cat and transformed into a beautiful black appaloosa mustang with a lot of potential.
In September 2018, she moved to New Jersey and joined the Unbridled Heroes Project, a CZ Mustangs’ program that works with veterans. Hope’s story of survival will help heal injured veterans–whether physically, spiritually, or otherwise. Congratulations to the Steppe family for adopting Hope and also for your new program to help our military veterans!


In the summer of 2017, Cat was contacted via social media about two older mustangs abandoned on a property in Connecticut.  The owner had adopted several mustangs, never worked them, and moved away, leaving the horses behind. The new property owners couldn’t continue tending to them.

Cat and her mother drove from New Jersey to the property (over four hours each way) to fetch both horses.

Annie was the older of the two and not in very good shape.  A pretty chestnut colored mare with white lacing on the back, she was afraid and nervous of everything. After working with Annie for six months, Cat managed to gentle her and help her overcome her fears.

In Spring 2018, Annie moved to a horse farm in Georgia. Originally intended to be further trained and then re-homed, the owners fell in love with her and permanently adopted her. She had found her forever home.


IMG_2969In the summer of 2017, Cat was contacted about two older mustangs abandoned on a property in Connecticut.  CZ Mustangs drove from their New Jersey farm to the property (over four hours each way) to fetch them.  Summer was the younger and smaller of the two horses. Both were in bad shape.

While Summer had been handled a little more than her companion, Annie, she was still very untamed and quite the handful.

But Cat believed in her. Despite the horse’s older age, Cat managed to gentle her and ride her, despite Summer not thinking that was a great idea in the beginning. Eight months later, Cat began showing Summer at different events in the Ocala area.

In May 2018, Summer found her forever home. She is now a part of a riding academy in Ocala, Florida, aspiring to be a great show pony for their younger riders.


Cat ZImmerman's Rescued Mustang, Stella, at CZ Mustangs

A beautiful 5-year-old bay mare from the BLM, Stella was surrendered to CZ Mustangs in July 2018.

Flooding had wiped out the barn where she was boarded and the first owner had given Stella to someone else who simply could no longer keep her.

After arriving at CZ Mustangs, Stella came a long way. She has an unique and fun personality, gets along with all of the other horses, and learns quickly.

Cat put a strong groundwork foundation on Stella and has even started  her under-saddle. She was shown at various competitions over the winter to promote the mustangs in a different type of equestrian environment, before being available for adoption.

In February 2019, at an event at CZ Mustangs, Stella connected with a wonderful rider from Gainesville and found her new, forever home.