Meet #7815

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For those of you who follow my personal Facebook page, you probably saw my posts during our trek to Texas to fetch the latest mustang to join the herd for a makeover. The Las Vegas TIP Challenge, to be exact. There’s something about competing in Las Vegas, the very state where the majority of our […]

Meet Clyde

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“Yesterday I drove a little over 6 hours total to pick up this unbranded mustang gelding that has been surrendered to the rescue. He is 7 years old— born out of a BLM mustang mare. He was in a tough situation, and while he was properly cared for, it wasn’t the right environment for him […]

Who Cares for Mustangs?

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Full Disclosure: This is written by Cat’s mom, Sarah Price, not Cat. Ever since we rescued those three starving mustangs in Georgia (out of 24, by the way), I have heard more about starving mustangs…often by “trainers” who are supposed to care about these magnificent animals. Our Annie was sold to be a companion horse […]