Current Rescues

Meet Our Rescued Mustangs


Cat Zimmerman's Rescued Mustang Cheyenne at CZ. Mustangs

Cheyenne was surrounded to CZ Mustangs in September 2018. Unfortunately, her owner in New York could no longer keep her. But, unlike many owners, Cheyenne’s owner did not just abandon her. Instead, she conducted a lot of research for the best place for their mustang.  We are honored that they selected Cat Zimmerman and CZ Mustangs for Cheyenne.

In New York, Cheyenne had terrible skin allergies.  Since arriving in Florida and with Cat’s care, Cheyenne’s skin has cleared up beautifully.


Cat Zimmerman's Rescued Mustang, Izzy, at CZ MustangsA 3-year-old gray mare BLM mustang from Silver King, Nevada, Izzy was surrendered to CZ Mustangs in July 2018.Izzy is a pretty little mustang with amazing markings. When Izzy first arrived, she was very skittish and skinny.
Shortly after her arrival, she became sick and required veterinary care and a lot of T.L.C. from Team CZ Mustangs to help her recover.Cat is putting a strong groundwork foundation on Izzy and may start her under saddle before Izzy will be available for adoption.We are looking for sponsors for Izzy: food, farrier, health care. She needs to have her teeth floated and her feet trimmed as soon as she is ready. Please email Cat at if you are interested in sponsoring her.


Lily the Wild Horse at CZ Mustangs with Cat ZimmermanA beautiful chestnut mare, Lily was transferred to CZ Mustangs in September 2018 from Skip Over Trouble Equine Rescue in Citra, Florida. They had rescued her from the wild horse herd in Umatilla, Florida and contacted Cat Zimmerman and CZ Mustangs to take Lily so that Cat could train her and find her a good home.The Umatilla wild horses are an interesting story and one that is far too common. Apparently these horses are Quarter Horse/Morgan crosses and were left to breed and roam free on 1400 acres of private land in Florida for multiple generations. Kill buyers were coming to get them and may horse trainers stepped up to rescue them.  Lily and her foal were rescued by Penny Crosby and the Skip Over Trouble Equine Rescue in 2017.  Others were not so lucky…