CZ Mustangs

CZ Mustangs, a 501c3 Non-Profit Mustang Training and Rescue Facility in Alachua County, Florida, is not your regular training facility for horses. CZ Mustangs is also dedicated to rescuing horses out of bad situations, rehabilitating rescue horses, and being a sanctuary to horses in need.

CZ Mustangs retrains surrendered mustangs or mustangs that need to be rescued from bad situations. To see a list of surrendered mustangs that are currently in training and available for adoption, click here.

Un-adoptable rescues live out their days with us on our 30 acres being spoiled and loved by staff and volunteers.

CZ Mustangs is an authorized TIP (Trainer Incentive Program) facility through the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

As lifetime members and contributing partners to the Mustang Heritage Foundation, CZ Mustangs strives to further their mission by holding a variety of events including public demonstrations, lessons, and clinics offered by Cat Zimmerman and special guest trainers.