Meet Cat’s Team

What started out with one mustang in 2015 has grown into a herd of ten...and counting. Add in the rescues and other resident mustangs in training...suddenly it grows into almost twenty previously wild horses and burros under the care of one amazing 16-year-old! Cat's passion for these horses is apparent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The following are members of her "herd" as well as other permanent residents at CZ Mustangs.



Born in Nebraska in May of 2013, Monche is Cat's first mustang. Cat and Monche placed 4th overall in the 2015 Youth Mustang Challenge, 2nd overall at the Midwest Horse Fair Star Search competition. Monche also won the the 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover Open Competition in Forth Worth, Texas (Walk/Trot Division).

Monche is Cat's main performance horse. When she is not working, she is hanging out with her best friends, Bella and Minnie.

Bella Flora


Born in Nevada in the spring of 2015 and captured in August of 2016, Bella was Cat's second Youth Mustang Challenge Horse, but failed to compete due to complications with colic that required surgery four days before the event. Bella was the Overall Champion of the 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover In-Hand Open Division in Lexington, Kentucky.

Minnie Mouse


Born in a BLM holding facility in Oregon in the fall of 2016, Minnie was Cat's third Youth Mustang Challenge horse for 2017.  

Cat and Minnie won the 2017 Extreme Mustang Makeover in Massachusetts (Youth Division). Today, Minnie spends her days hanging out with her best friends, Monche and Bella. Cat plans to integrate Minnie into her liberty team in 2019.


Cat Zimmerman and her wild mustang, BeauBorn in Nevada, Beau was captured in the fall of 2017 and was assigned to Cat as her mustang for the 2018 Youth Extreme Mustang Makeover.

In June 2018, Cat and Beau won the competition in Kentucky. He returned to Florida with Cat where he has joined her herd of other mustangs as part of her liberty team.

Beau is also CZ Mustang's designated Walmart Greeter, trotting over to say hello to everyone who enters the property.


Cat Zimmerman, Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainer

Kimber joined the "herd" in January 2019. Cat and her mother drove to Ewing, Illinois to pick up the long yearling for the Midwest Horse Fair's Mustang Challenge. Like Beau, it was soon apparent that he was a natural for liberty and--also like Beau--Cat fell in love with him. He will not be auctioned off at the event and he will not be rehomed. After the competition in April 2019, Kimber will hang out with his "brother" Beau and join Cat's growing liberty team.

Fun Fact: Kimber has a very big crush on Pebbles, the double-branded bay yearling adopted at the Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover.


Rosie is a 4 yr. old BLM burro jenny captured from Sinbad, Utah. We adopted her on January 12, 2018 in Ocala, FL. She loves to wander around the property, keeping all of the dogs in check and hiding behind a palmetto bush near the house. She's also the resident alarm clock, making certain to alert Cat when it is time to feed the rest of the herd.

Fun Fact: Rosie has a new best friend, Miss Tilly.