Meet Cat’s Team

Meet the Mustangs that call Cat their "person", and travel with her to perform at various events across the country.



Born in a Nebraska holding facility in May of 2013, Monche was Cat's first mustang. Monche was randomly assigned to Cat for the 2015 Youth Mustang Challenge in Topsfield, Massachusetts where the team placed 4th overall.

Monche is the most seen mustang out of the team, as she is Cat's main performance mustang.

Bella Flora

Born in 2014 and captured in 2015 from the Wheeler's Pass Nevada HMA, Bella was Cat's second Youth Mustang Challenge mustang in 2016, but failed to compete due to colic that required surgery four days before the competition. Bella has become a strong part of Cat's performance team and is the other half of Cat's current multiple-horse liberty team, working alongside Monche.

Minnie Mouse


Born in an Oregon holding facility in October of 2016, Minnie was Cat's third Extreme Mustang Makeover mustang in 2017, and was the first mustang she won a competition with.  Minnie is currently spending time growing up before she begins the process to become an official member of the performance team.



Born in 2017 and captured in 2017 from the Antelope Valley, Nevada HMA, Beau assigned to Cat for the 2018 Youth Extreme Mustang Makeover in Lexington, Kentucky that they won. Beau is also spending time growing up before he starts traveling and performing with the team.


Born in 2017 and captured in 2018 from the Four Mile, Utah HMA, Kimber was picked by Cat to be her mustang assignment for the 2019 Midwest Horse Fair Mustang Challenge. Cat and Kimber placed 4th overall after winning the Legendary Night Freestyle Finals and being selected the 'Fan Favorite,' also being the highest placing youth team in the competition of adults against youth competitors. Kimber is growing up and maturing before he begins traveling and performing with the team.



Born in a Utah holding facility in 2017, Digby was Cat's selection for the 2018 Georgia TIP Challenge which they were the Youth Champion's of. Digby was adopted out following the competition, but bought back by Cat a year later due to no fault of his own. Digby is an exceptional performing mustang and is learning the ropes from the more experienced mustangs as he begins to travel and perform with the team.


Born in 2015 and captured in 2017 from the Sinbad, Utah HMA, Rosie is Cat's BLM burro that she picked up from an adoption event in 2018.