1. BioMane: Cat was beyond thrilled when she learned that BioMane decided to sponsor her. She has been both using and promoting their product ever since she began using it on Monche. One look at her mustangs’ manes and you’ll know why she recommends it. Her mustangs’ have sleek coats along with their full manes and tails.
  2. Counter Canter Designs: For training, Cat uses their clinician style yacht rope tack–rope halters, lead ropes, and rope reins. While their products are great for any discipline, and any type of riding or training, she finds that they are especially great for groundwork and obstacle training with her mustangs.
  3. First Saturday Lime: Cat found this product and fell in love with it. It prevents algae growth in water troughs–a huge issue down here in Florida–and also great for pest controls. We’ll continue to keep you updated on how it’s working out for us.
  4. Green Horse Organics: Beauty balms, detanglers, show sheen, and fly spray. These are key products to making our mustangs look beautiful. But our concern for the environment is important. When Cat found Green Horse Organics, she couldn’t wait to try their products and wasn’t disappointed. The detangler works great on messy manes (especially when she picks up new mustangs–a must-have) and the fly spray works great at keeping flys and no-see-’ems off her horses. Now, she’s very happy to be recommending their products to other horse owners.
  5. Horse Education Company: The only training halter that Cat uses on her new mustangs. People are always commenting about these halters and asking where she purchased them. She has been happy to recommend them because she absolutely loves them. In the three years we have been using them, they still look brand new and not one has broken.
  6. Kimes Ranch Jeans: Cat was super excited when she learned that Kimes Ranch Jeans announced they were sponsoring her in 2019. Not only are Kimes Ranch jeans super comfortable for riding, she loves all of their shirts and jackets. See her photos on Instagram where she is almost always wearing a Kimes Ranch Jeans product!

Other Supporters

  1. Equishare LLC. (Morristown, NJ)
  2. Seaton Hackney Stables (Morristown, NJ)
  3. Price Publishing, LLC. (Morristown, NJ)
  4. Fred Astaire Dance Studios (Morristown, NJ)
  5. Mustang Grill and Bar (Archer, FL)
  6. Dutch Valley Technology (Sugar Creek, OH)
  7. MAZA Marketing (Colorado)

Want to help sponsor Cat and CZ Mustangs? Email catzimmerman0417@gmail.com.