T.A.M.E. Grants

With the introduction of the Bureau of Land Management’s Adopter Incentive Program (AIP), more and more mustangs are getting out of holding and into homes. That’s a wonderful thing.

However, many people who are adopting do not have experience with training horses (never mind mustangs). CZ Mustangs is proud to announce our new Train a Mustang Endowment (T.A.M.E.) Grant program.

While we would highly recommend that people interested in adopting a mustang consider working with an approved TIP trainer through the Mustang Heritage Foundation, we also understand that the incentive money from the Bureau of Land Management is extremely helpful.

Therefore, CZ Mustangs will be awarding up to $500 to approved trainers to help new mustangs owners who are running into trouble with their mustangs that are adopted via the AIP program. The adopter is responsible for trailering the mustang to the trainer’s facility as well as paying for hay, grain, farrier, and any required vet care while the mustang is in training. The number of grants awarded are limited only to the number of sponsors. For 2019 (September to December), four grants will be awarded. For 2020, we are hoping to have twelve sponsors with one grant awarded each month.

Click here for the T.A.M.E. Grant Application

Approved T.A.M.E. Trainers
Updated July 1, 2019

  1. Cat Zimmerman & CZ Mustangs, North Central Florida
  2. Haleigh Denny & HD Horsemanship, Kentucky
  3. Jen Ralph, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
  4. Luke Reinbold, New York State
  5. Matt and Stacie Zimmerman, Idaho
  6. Rob West, Eastern New York
  7. Tera Whaling, Southern Florida
  8. Ashley Rose, Southern Florida

Click here for the Application to become an approved T.A. Interested Trainers