Meet #7815

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For those of you who follow my personal Facebook page, you probably saw my posts during our trek to Texas to fetch the latest mustang to join the herd for a makeover. The Las Vegas TIP Challenge, to be exact. There’s something about competing in Las Vegas, the very state where the majority of our […]

The Sad Truth About Mustangs

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It’s been a very busy few weeks…hence my silence on the CZ Mustangs blog. There were happy events: competitions! Fan Favorite! Reserved Champion! Wahoooo!–but this is not a post about any of those. This is about the sad truth. The sad truth that not all mustangs wind up in good homes.  The sad truth that […]

When Mustangs Fly…

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November and December are going to be quiet months–although, with Cat and her mustangs, no month is ever truly quiet. Without any immediate competitions, Cat has been able to focus on more than just training but also a little bit on having some extra fun with her mustangs. The other day, she was riding Monche, […]