Meet Clyde

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“Yesterday I drove a little over 6 hours total to pick up this unbranded mustang gelding that has been surrendered to the rescue. He is 7 years old— born out of a BLM mustang mare. He was in a tough situation, and while he was properly cared for, it wasn’t the right environment for him […]

The Sad Truth About Mustangs

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It’s been a very busy few weeks…hence my silence on the CZ Mustangs blog. There were happy events: competitions! Fan Favorite! Reserved Champion! Wahoooo!–but this is not a post about any of those. This is about the sad truth. The sad truth that not all mustangs wind up in good homes.  The sad truth that […]


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When a horse performs liberty with Cat Zimmerman, I can only watch in awe. She now has multiple mustangs, all of whom she tamed and trained, performing liberty. No bridles. No saddles. Just her with the mustangs. It’s beautiful and breathtaking to watch this 16-year-old become one with her mustangs. Even more impressive is how […]

Bittersweet Day

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When one door closes, another opens. Alexander Graham Bell said that. And I’ve come to believe it is true. But sometimes when a chapter of our lives ends, it’s hard to see the beginning of another chapter. You see, today is the day we take Digby to his new home. It has been an emotional […]